SCIM Still Not Working Properly

  • Saturnyne
Posted: Fri, 11/30/2007 - 22:00
This is kind of a semi-topic bump for my last SCIM post. Here goes. For some strange reason, SCIM is only half-working for me. Here's a rundown of how it's functioning. Running 'scim -d' from command lines shows no loading errors, and after restarting X, the SCIM icon appears on the toolbar. Running 'scim' from the command line shows the following: Launching a SCIM process with socket... Loading simple Config module ... Creating backend ... Loading socket FrontEnd module ... Starting SCIM ... scim::FrontEnd: SocketFrontEnd -- Cannot create SocketServer. SCIM has exited abnormally. Left-clicking doesn't bring up anything like it's supposed to (Normally, left-clicking brings up a menu of the locales and languages available). Right-clicking works normally, however. Pressing CTRL+SPACE in applications doesn't change the input method, as it's supposed to. I'm not sure what I'm missing, or what I'm doing wrong. I followed the instructions in the man page, and still no change in SCIM's functioning. 'scim -l' reveals the following: Smart Common Input Method 1.4.7 Available FrontEnd module: socket Available Config module: simple socket dummy Available IMEngine module: rawcode socket Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.