Great work! - video planned?

  • sam_uk
Posted: Sun, 01/06/2008 - 22:07
Hi I just wanted to say well done to the 64 studio developers. I have just installed it and it seems great.. I am new to audio in linux but I have been trying to do video for a while. After struggling with cinelerra for ages I recently discovered kdenlive which works just fine. Is there any chance of kino + kdenlive being included in the next release? Thanks Sam


  • cyrille
  • 07/14/07
  • Tue, 01/15/2008 - 16:13
kdenlive too in etch repository


  • cyrille
  • 07/14/07
  • Tue, 01/15/2008 - 15:44
kino in in under sound and video or install from synaptic