GUI for file and disk administration--LOST

  • stevencomerthornley
Posted: Thu, 01/10/2008 - 02:11
prior to my upgrade from etch to 64Studio (O by the way could not install from my CD---screen eventually went black) So like OK I installed etch as a file server for my home network and desktop as a dual boot option on an XP system that I game on and FINALLY, I could network all the systems on my home network---so that was good then I upgraded to 64 studio and lost all sorts of stuff like this GUI that was in >Desktop>Administration>******* I think it was Disk Management and it was awesome 'cause I could just delete the files I didn't want anymore by right clicking and then go to the .trash folder in my root and empty the files permanently--but now since the upgrade that piece of software is gone and now I can't access the system configuration, WTF!! so, I'm enjoying the system and the endless rabbit holes of FAQs and READMEs and WIKIs and look forward to things just working easier---but I like linux distros and Debian Etch is the only starting point I've ever NEVER had any issues with Vanilla install if you know what I mean--other than a Fedora Core 6 install on some old Dell IBM hardware, but now I use AMD cpus and Nvidia motherboards and GPUs, I'd love it if Creative X-Fi would release some functional drivers to go with my sound card, right now using AC'97 for linux--and that's OK but it ain't X-Fi and CENTER F'N speaker doesn't work in linux--I mean WTH why NOT!?