Rosegarden SVN KDE-dev and XFCE

  • zettberlin
Posted: Fri, 02/01/2008 - 14:56
Hello Folks, thanks a lot for 64Studio, it is the system I do all the reall Audiostuff with. To build software fron scratch is also quite easy with it (Ardour SVN went like a breeze - amazing :-) ). Yet now I have an exception to deal with: I use 64Studio on 64amd with XFCE as the desktop, now, if I try to install Rosegarden from SVN it requires KDE-dev-packages. Apt tells me, that I need to remove Thunar, XFCE-desktop and other packages, I use on a daily basis to be able to install the KDE-dev packages. 1.) is there a sane way to avoid the removal of these packages? 2.) is there any sound reason to remove packages like thunar if I want to install the devel-packages for a completely unrelated package?