My experience of installing 64 studio

  • reptile
Posted: Tue, 02/05/2008 - 07:35
I thought I would just share my experience with people on installing 64 studio and why I haven't moved from Ubuntu Studio to 64 studio permanently yet. I'd like to add that I always run Debian Etch on my servers so I am fairly experienced with setting up this distro by command line only. 1. Installation was very smooth and went perfectly. On startup the theme and look of the distro was very very nice, much better than Ubuntu Studio's default. I liked the choice of apps and concise layout of the menu. 2. Old gnome version was a bit of a put off. I had to spend a bit more time configuring gnome the way I like it. Mainly setting up nautilus and such. Having to manually recreate my fstab file was a bit of a nuisance as well. Lack of automount feature for drives not in fstab was a negative, but these things were minor and not a deal breaker. Nvidia driver was no problem to install. Had twinview running in seconds. 3. Decided to go straight for an apt-get update/upgrade. Maybe foolishly, I noticed that there were no repos by default so added the debian etch ones manually and ran an upgrade. Later I realised that all I had to do was check the boxes in Synaptic. I ended up getting into a mess with package dependencies trying to install sources to recompile the latest version of particular applications. Eventually managed to sort it. 4. Sound kept coming out of my USB phone and here my lack of desktop experience with Etch was showing. I remembered having this problem with older versions of Ubuntu where there was no consistency with the priority of audio devices on bootup. Every time I rebooted it was pot-luck which audio device was chosen. I tried messing with the asound config file but couldn't get this working. It was around this time I was wondering if i was going to spend more time serving the system than the system was going to serve me. I failed to get the priority right and then I couldn't get sound out of ardour. 5. My memory fails me on what happened next but after applying updates and rebooting I got into a problem with the theme for 64studio and everything was missing from Gnome during login. That was when I decided that the easiest way forward would be to reinstall and have another go another day. Because I am new to the Linux audio experience (the only reason to keep XP was to do music) I am learning the process through Ubuntu Studio for now since I run 7.10 as my desktop. The only real reason to keep it is because it has the newest Gnome versions, a sound control panel to stabilise the sound the card priority, and a package system that has never given me an ounce of trouble with dependencies. In the meantime, I'd appreciate any comments on what I should have done and tips to address my problems so I can reinstall it soon as have another shot. My patience threshold was a bit lower than usual because I'd basically spent a lot of time testing US first then decided 64 S looked better and then putting US back on and starting the arduous task of making sure I could use my favourite Windows VSTs in linux, which I have finally cracked.

Ubuntu Studio

  • ttoine
  • 11/15/07
  • Fri, 02/15/2008 - 16:07
Just have a look at the bottom of this page for your UbuntuStudio problem, and I guess the solution is ok for 64Studio and Debian too : Hope you will have nice time leaving XP and coming to Linux for your music. I guess that you already noticed that it sounds better with the same hardware ;-) Toine

ah, yes. I missed that one.

  • reptile
  • 02/03/08
  • Wed, 02/06/2008 - 06:56
ah, yes. I missed that one. Thanks.

4. Sound kept coming out of

  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Tue, 02/05/2008 - 19:04
4. Sound kept coming out of my USB phone Check out the user FAQ, section 10. Don't bother with the asound file... doesn't help Cheers,

Just to add - I remember

  • reptile
  • 02/03/08
  • Tue, 02/05/2008 - 07:39
Just to add - I remember what had happened now. I was trying to install wineasio from the test repo and it caused chaos with dependencies and wouldn't install correctly. I understand that the repo is "test" but it was also noted on the homepage that it was very stable but turned out to be the cause of some major frustration.