Fresh Install-ended with black screen.

  • joey45
Posted: Wed, 02/06/2008 - 16:34
I installed 2.0, and all seemed to go well. But on first boot, everything looked ok until I got to the point where I should have seen video. I made a guess that it just didn't like the video driver from my K8M800-M7A motherboard, so I shut down, installed an old AGP mother board, and tried a reboot. Still no luck, BUT...I did get the opportunity to log in as root this time, so I did a bit of research on system messages, and concluded that I probably needed to reinstall 64Studio WITH the different card already in place. After the new install, everything came up fine, installed, and after a couple of tweaks with the limits.conf file, I was up and running. Great distribution, and quite complete for my needs! Just thought you might want to know about the initial failure, since it may be an omission you would want to correct. The 64 bit board mentioned above is a BIOSTAR product.