what i have been up too

  • Nate
Posted: Thu, 02/28/2008 - 16:55
hey everyone been working alot in the new studio. basically it's a couple of old ev mixers going into an hd24 for rough tracks then everything done on a 64studio machine (of course). for instruments we have a maple sonor kit and pdp birch kit. gibson explorer and gothic sg and a fender custom shop strat. bass is a cheap no name p bass replica and a music man stingray. Korg M1 keyboard and various GNU synths and VSTis. CAD condensers and shure dynamics (a couple of ev condensers too). the site has 3 old songs that I hate the quality of and will be redone soon. (recorded live in a concrete garage with big metal doors. no separation) but the "good advice" track is the first studio track we completed. please check us out and give me some constructive critisism. This is my first attempt at completely engineering a project of this size. the site is: nichols/figlar project hope you all enjoy and thanks to all at the 64studio community for making this possible.