Puredata and jack

  • Federico
Posted: Thu, 04/17/2008 - 20:18
At this moment I have 2 systems in my computer. One used to be a 64 studio wich I turned into a kind of lenny where I compiled my own kernel with realtime patches. The other one is a 64 Studio 2.1rc1 (this one is a i386 system the other one is AMD64) system with all the updates from the testing repo. Now, today I intsalled puredata in the i386 system and loded a patch I made using the AMD64 system and noticed that something was wrong. It sounded kind of like small XRUNS but jack said nothing about XRUNS. Then I downloaded and compiled the latest puredata from source but the problem did not go. So after looking at every corner of the patch without being able to locate the problem I just used ALSA instead of jack, and everything worked just fine. Then I rebooted into the lenny (AMD64) system and started puredata using jack and everything was just fine. So any idead what the problem could be?