Bulk Format Conversion

  • picothinker
Posted: Wed, 04/23/2008 - 13:37
A year or so ago, I embarked on a big project of converting many, many gigabytes of the accursed *.wma files to MP3 and OGG for a friend, along with re-tagging many of them. The sheer quantity meant that we did not have time to load the individual files into any program and then save or export. After trying many things, the best tool available at the time is a python script called audio_conv. At the time I had problems finding an app that would recurse through multiple directories, and audio_conv.py worked perfectly. It uses mplayer to basically filter it through several choices and encode to nearly any format, from nearly any format. It has many options, and has matured a lot just during the months that I used it heavily. The author is very responsive to suggestions. It's requirements are easy, and all available in the 64studio repos. This is a command line script only, so no pointy-clicky easiness. Still, it is well worth learning. Place a few files in a sub-directory to test on, before you turn it loose on a big stack of important ones. There is a --dry-run switch for safety, until you have verified that you have the switches that you want. If you are choosing to delete the original file after conversion, it is _very_ important to have tested the finished product first. http://seismic.ocean.dal.ca/~leblanc/pwp_wiki/static/AudioFormatConversion.html Two of us kept three machines running this script 24/7 for about two weeks, and it worked flawlessly. I would recommend that this be included in future releases of 64studio. It is not something that will be easy to put in a menu, but the script itself is tiny. Those that dig enough to find/use it will be well rewarded.