Custom Distribution Services

  • J-Mac
Posted: Thu, 04/24/2008 - 17:28
The press release listed on the 64 Studio landing page regarding custom distribution services is interesting. Is 64 Studio planning on providing this via additional repos, using one metapackage that installs all of the required files in order to transform one's OS into a studio recording setup? I am a big fan of Ubuntu, but my experiences lead me to believe that it's cutting-edge status leave it unsuitable for studio work, as I've yet to get UbuntuStudio running properly. It would be wonderful to be able to install 64 Studio like PlanetCCRMA, where it can be layered on top of a standard Ubuntu install. Can someone elaborate on some specifics so that I may better understand the implications of this press release? How will this differ from UbuntuStudio, and when will it be available? Thanks!