Basic Wine question

  • johne53
Posted: Sat, 04/26/2008 - 09:02
I need to install Wine but I don't have any FAT32 volumes mounted and I don't quite understand how Wine will allocate partitioning. Does Wine look at my mounted volumes (ext2/ext3 etc) and 'fudge' them such that a Windows app will think they've got drive letters (C: D: E: etc)? Or do I need to create/mount FAT32 volumes specially for use by Wine?

Yes, that was it..!

  • johne53
  • 10/07/07
  • Thu, 05/01/2008 - 15:33
Yes, that was it..!! I thought it was asking for the name of an organisation... :-(

Wine project

  • skullnotions
  • 09/29/07
  • Thu, 05/01/2008 - 10:33
Sorry I can't help with wine. Is Alexandre Julliard the answer? dave

What a dumb web site !!

  • johne53
  • 10/07/07
  • Thu, 05/01/2008 - 10:02
What kind of dumb web site is WineHQ?? To register for their forums, you need to answer a question "Who is the current maintainer of the Wine project?" How the hell am I supposed to know??? There's a link saying 'Hint' but that just takes you to an 'About' page which doesn't contain the answer!! I also tried searching for 'maintainer' in the WineHQ wiki but that comes up with no hits. Next, I tried guessing at either 'WineHQ' or 'CodeWeavers' but they both got rejected. Does anyone know the correct answer?

Thanks to everyone

  • johne53
  • 10/07/07
  • Thu, 05/01/2008 - 09:39
Thanks to everyone for helping with this but it looks like I really need to flag it up on the Wine forums.

Not to me, sorry

  • Pablo
  • 07/11/07
  • Wed, 04/30/2008 - 23:26
I just use wine to run a couple of VST instruments. This is far too much for my knowledge. Good luck Pablo

Pablo - I upgraded

  • johne53
  • 10/07/07
  • Wed, 04/30/2008 - 16:16
Pablo - I upgraded to the new version of Wine but the problem is still there. It's 100% reliable - as soon as I comment in the code that loads the ASPI driver, I see lots of errors and then my machine refuses to re-boot. FWIW here's what I see in my terminal window after launching the app:- ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/OMFI/> wine AVToolKit.exe fixme:share:NetShareEnum Stub ((null) 502 0x50b024 -1 0x34fd70 0x50b030 (nil)) fixme:aspi:SendASPI32Command ASPI: Partially implemented SC_HA_INQUIRY for adapter 0. fixme:aspi:SendASPI32Command ASPI: Partially implemented SC_HA_INQUIRY for adapter 1. fixme:aspi:SendASPI32Command ASPI: Partially implemented SC_HA_INQUIRY for adapter 2. fixme:aspi:ASPI_ExecScsiCmd Failed fixme:aspi:ASPI_ExecScsiCmd Failed fixme:aspi:ASPI_ExecScsiCmd Failed fixme:aspi:ASPI_ExecScsiCmd command 0x25, no data transfer specified, but buflen is 8!!! fixme:aspi:ASPI_ExecScsiCmd Failed wine: Unhandled exception 0xe06d7363 at address 0x7b841df0 (thread 0009), starting debugger... Unhandled exception: C++ exception(object = 0x0034d848, type = 0x5f4b3f50) in 32-bit code (0x7b841e83). Register dump: CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:0033 GS:003b EIP:7b841e83 ESP:0034d794 EBP:0034d808 EFLAGS:00200212( - 00 - -IA1) EAX:7b82c2d1 EBX:7b8b10c0 ECX:00000000 EDX:00000008 ESI:0034d82c EDI:0034d7c0 Stack dump: 0x0034d794: 7bc41daf 00000002 bafa4a38 e06d7363 0x0034d7a4: 00000001 00000000 7b841df0 00000003 0x0034d7b4: 19930520 0034d848 5f4b3f50 001578f0 0x0034d7c4: bafa4a38 00110000 0034d810 0014d984 0x0034d7d4: 7bc3338f ffffffff 7bc896bc 0034d830 0x0034d7e4: 7bc42135 00110048 ffffff06 0034d820 Backtrace: =>1 0x7b841e83 RaiseException+0x93() in kernel32 (0x0034d808) 2 0x7e893a1e _CxxThrowException+0x3e() in msvcrt (0x0034d838) 3 0x5f453a11 1266() in mfc42 (0x0034d84c) 4 0x5f45a66d in mfc42 (+0x5a66d) (0xbafa4a00) 5 0x00000000 (0x00000000) 0x7b841e83 RaiseException+0x93 in kernel32: subl $4,%esp Modules: Module Address Debug info Name (98 modules) PE 350000- 362000 Deferred zlib1 PE 400000- 517000 Deferred avtoolkit PE 520000- 5f9000 Deferred iconv PE 10000000-100ee000 Deferred libxml2 PE 5f400000-5f4f2000 Export mfc42 PE 76080000-760e5000 Deferred msvcp60 ELF 7b800000-7b92a000 Export kernel32 \-PE 7b820000-7b92a000 \ kernel32 ELF 7bc00000-7bca5000 Deferred ntdll \-PE 7bc10000-7bca5000 \ ntdll ELF 7bf00000-7bf03000 Deferred ELF 7df78000-7df9e000 Deferred netapi32 \-PE 7df80000-7df9e000 \ netapi32 ELF 7df9e000-7dfef000 Deferred ELF 7dfef000-7e002000 Deferred ELF 7e002000-7e030000 Deferred ELF 7e030000-7e09e000 Deferred ELF 7e09e000-7e0cd000 Deferred ELF 7e0cd000-7e0ea000 Deferred imm32 \-PE 7e0d0000-7e0ea000 \ imm32 ELF 7e10e000-7e16e000 Deferred rpcrt4 \-PE 7e120000-7e16e000 \ rpcrt4 ELF 7e16e000-7e212000 Deferred ole32 \-PE 7e180000-7e212000 \ ole32 ELF 7e238000-7e26a000 Deferred uxtheme \-PE 7e240000-7e26a000 \ uxtheme ELF 7e26a000-7e27f000 Deferred midimap \-PE 7e270000-7e27f000 \ midimap ELF 7e27f000-7e2a5000 Deferred msacm32 \-PE 7e290000-7e2a5000 \ msacm32 ELF 7e2a5000-7e2bd000 Deferred msacm32 \-PE 7e2b0000-7e2bd000 \ msacm32 ELF 7e2bd000-7e37e000 Deferred ELF 7e391000-7e3c7000 Deferred winealsa \-PE 7e3a0000-7e3c7000 \ winealsa ELF 7e3c7000-7e3cc000 Deferred ELF 7e3cc000-7e3d5000 Deferred ELF 7e3d5000-7e3d8000 Deferred ELF 7e3d8000-7e3e0000 Deferred ELF 7e3e0000-7e3e5000 Deferred ELF 7e3e5000-7e3e8000 Deferred ELF 7e3e8000-7e4d4000 Deferred ELF 7e4d4000-7e4e2000 Deferred ELF 7e4e2000-7e4e7000 Deferred ELF 7e4e7000-7e4ff000 Deferred ELF 7e4ff000-7e508000 Deferred ELF 7e515000-7e519000 Deferred ELF 7e51b000-7e5ab000 Deferred winex11 \-PE 7e530000-7e5ab000 \ winex11 ELF 7e6b1000-7e6d1000 Deferred ELF 7e6d1000-7e6fc000 Deferred ELF 7e6fc000-7e710000 Deferred ELF 7e710000-7e77a000 Deferred ELF 7e77a000-7e79b000 Deferred mpr \-PE 7e780000-7e79b000 \ mpr ELF 7e79b000-7e7d0000 Deferred winspool \-PE 7e7a0000-7e7d0000 \ winspool ELF 7e7d0000-7e871000 Deferred comdlg32 \-PE 7e7e0000-7e871000 \ comdlg32 ELF 7e871000-7e8d8000 Export msvcrt \-PE 7e880000-7e8d8000 \ msvcrt ELF 7e8d8000-7e904000 Deferred ws2_32 \-PE 7e8e0000-7e904000 \ ws2_32 ELF 7e904000-7e91e000 Deferred wsock32 \-PE 7e910000-7e91e000 \ wsock32 ELF 7e91e000-7e931000 Deferred ELF 7e931000-7e950000 Deferred iphlpapi \-PE 7e940000-7e950000 \ iphlpapi ELF 7e950000-7ea12000 Deferred comctl32 \-PE 7e960000-7ea12000 \ comctl32 ELF 7ea12000-7ea6a000 Deferred shlwapi \-PE 7ea20000-7ea6a000 \ shlwapi ELF 7ea6a000-7eb73000 Deferred shell32 \-PE 7ea80000-7eb73000 \ shell32 ELF 7eb73000-7eb87000 Deferred lz32 \-PE 7eb80000-7eb87000 \ lz32 ELF 7eb87000-7eba0000 Deferred version \-PE 7eb90000-7eba0000 \ version ELF 7eba0000-7ec3b000 Deferred gdi32 \-PE 7ebb0000-7ec3b000 \ gdi32 ELF 7ec3b000-7ed7b000 Deferred user32 \-PE 7ec50000-7ed7b000 \ user32 ELF 7ed7b000-7ee08000 Deferred winmm \-PE 7ed90000-7ee08000 \ winmm ELF 7ee08000-7ee53000 Deferred advapi32 \-PE 7ee10000-7ee53000 \ advapi32 ELF 7ee53000-7ee6c000 Deferred wnaspi32 \-PE 7ee60000-7ee6c000 \ wnaspi32 ELF 7ef94000-7ef9f000 Deferred ELF 7ef9f000-7efa9000 Deferred ELF 7efa9000-7efbf000 Deferred ELF 7efbf000-7efc8000 Deferred ELF 7efc8000-7efed000 Deferred ELF b7ce8000-b7cec000 Deferred ELF b7cec000-b7e1e000 Deferred ELF b7e1e000-b7e30000 Deferred ELF b7e43000-b7f58000 Deferred ELF b7f5a000-b7f71000 Deferred Threads: process tid prio (all id:s are in hex) 00000008 (D) C:\Program Files\OMFI\AVToolKit.exe 00000009 0 <== 0000000a 0000000b 0 0000000c 0000000f 0 0000000e 0 0000000d 0 00000010 00000012 0 00000011 0 Backtrace: =>1 0x7b841e83 RaiseException+0x93() in kernel32 (0x0034d808) 2 0x7e893a1e _CxxThrowException+0x3e() in msvcrt (0x0034d838) 3 0x5f453a11 1266() in mfc42 (0x0034d84c) 4 0x5f45a66d in mfc42 (+0x5a66d) (0xbafa4a00) 5 0x00000000 (0x00000000) I wonder if that'll make sense to anyone here or should I post it on the Wine web site?

Thanks Pablo

  • johne53
  • 10/07/07
  • Tue, 04/29/2008 - 10:11
Thanks Pablo. At the moment, wine is only seeing that C drive that it sets up by default (which is fine for my test purposes). This morning I re-compiled my program, commenting out the section that loads the ASPI driver. As expected, the program now runs (though not properly, of course) but it doesn't cause the subsequent non-booting problem. If I get some time later in the week I'll add that repository and try my luck with a newer version of wine. Incidentally, are these 'fixme:' errors supposed to be reported to someone? As it happens, I do see a couple of others relating to bitmap loading and network shares.


  • Pablo
  • 07/11/07
  • Mon, 04/28/2008 - 23:00
If you run winecfg you can "mount" drives as letters C, D, E, etc. C is mounted by default at /home/user/.wine/drive_C but you can mount other drives-letters at other linux directories, for example "/media/cdrom0" or even "/". For a partition, you can have it seen by wine if you assign the mount point of that partition (in /etc/fstab) to a windows drive. Could it be that wine "sees" your root directory as a windows drive and it's messing up things? Also, winecfg allows you to emulate different Windows versions. Otherwise, I suggest you try wine 0.9.58. It's in their own repository. and it installs flawlessly. It's also in the sid repository but I tried to install it from there and lots of dependency issues appeared. Pablo

Thanks for the advice. I

  • johne53
  • 10/07/07
  • Mon, 04/28/2008 - 18:53
Thanks for the advice. I managed to make my first application work well and I was surprised that it wasn't much slower than under Windows. But my second app was a disaster. The second app happens to use an ASPI driver (a special driver for SCSI cards). Unfortunately, when I ran it I saw some errors (all beginning with 'fixme:'). The errors seemed to suggest that ASPI isn't yet fully implemented (and so the app didn't work properly). However - much more worrying was the fact that after running this app I ended up with a non-bootable system. I managed to recover and tried again but the same thing happens every time I run this app. The app itself doesn't write to either the boot sector or MBR (I know this for certain because I wrote the app myself). However, something is making the PC unbootable after running it.... :-(

wine works very well

  • picothinker
  • 08/22/07
  • Mon, 04/28/2008 - 03:46
I had been Wine-curious for years, my first few attempts worked out poorly. I recently needed to use The One Windows Application I Had To Have At Work, and I tried Wine again. The app actually was more reliable under Wine than it was in Windows. The biggest quirk I found, was that for some apps it can be important to set the emulation type. For the app I needed, setting it for Win98 emulation made it work flawlessly.


  • johne53
  • 10/07/07
  • Sat, 04/26/2008 - 14:46
Cheers Quentin. As it happens I can already dual boot (in fact, I can quadruple boot into 4 different OS's) but on this occasion I need to test whether a Windows app (that I wrote) will run under Wine. Thanks again


  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Sat, 04/26/2008 - 10:12
No fudge... Wine installs its directory structure in your home directory ( /home/username/.wine/ ) As the name suggests, wine is a WINdowsEmulator, and is a real linux application, using linux resources to do it's job. No, you do not need the redundant windows partitions on your system, otherwise you could have dual booted to windows... Cheers,