My experince installing 64Studio-Doc at the radar station

  • capitan_mission
Posted: Sun, 05/18/2008 - 00:37
I used Ubuntu Studio before and one day I saw 64Studuio.I wanted to give it a tray. The install was very easy, the only problem was the flash-plugin non free, the easy solution: discconect the internet. I restart the computar and... No X (no screens) the vesa driver dont work, nv driver ehither, solution: install the nvidia driver (my card is a 8400 gs) and volila! everithing OK. Im very happy whit the system now, is really more stable than Ubuntu studio, the software included is the must have (ardour, rosegardn, hydrogen...) and work FINE. I used US 32 and 64 bits, the 64 bits versions sucks, and the 32 work better, but the 64 bits of 64 studio work really good, now IM happy i can use my Atlhon in all his power. One thing i dont like is the nautilus configuration, very simple, in ubuntu is more friendly, but I can configure it (i whish that : ) And I like the Beefheart titles in the version, im a big Captain Beefheart fan!!


  • hm3
  • 07/23/08
  • Sun, 07/27/2008 - 01:12
If you responded to my last above, the email address was incorrect but now it is correct. Thanks, Patrick

Nvidia Driver install problems

  • hm3
  • 07/23/08
  • Sun, 07/27/2008 - 01:09
Hello all, I am having troubles installing the Nvidia Graphics driver. I know for the 8000/9000 series cards the driver is a mess. so I switched out a 7950 with an MS machine I have for gaming. I now have a desktop but only at 640x780 61Hz res. I am still very new to Linux it is better than a Cmd Line as I don't yet know much of the commands. I am stuck at the installation requested I shut down the X server and any Open GL apps. The Debian tutorial says to use the: c-a-Backspase keystroke combination to stop the X Server. However, noting seems to happen with this. Also my CMOS settings are wiped clean each time I shut down the computer power leading me to believe the installation of 64 studio has not completely finished. Upon boot up I am forced to control-d to get my limited desktop. I am stuck here and need anyones help. When I try restarting the installation file in root Terminal I get an "You Don't Have Permission to execute this file" error message! Any help is welcomed! My email is Cheers Pat

GeForce FX 5200 on i386

  • skullnotions
  • 09/29/07
  • Tue, 05/27/2008 - 09:17
Hi, $ su (password) # apt-get update # apt-cache search nvidia You should see what you need now, amd64 or 486, I use! # uname -r 2.6.21-1-multimedia-486 # apt-get install nvidia-glx nvidia-kernel-2.6.21-1-multimedia-486 (or -amd64) and accept what gets added. # edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf change "nv" to "nvidia" shutdown or reboot. Cheers, dave

Yes, for example Ardour

  • capitan_mission
  • 05/18/08
  • Sun, 05/18/2008 - 23:04
When i saw Ardour it was a surpise, very the desktop/server linux is the best (little things remains), and some Multimedia aplications are really good: Ardour, Rosegarden, Gimp, Blender...Every single year the things in free software evolve a lot. And we have a lot of choices, solid like a rock distributions (Slackware, Debian stable) cutting edge distros like Ubuntu..

About nvidia install...

  • gtaatum40
  • 05/27/08
  • Tue, 05/27/2008 - 09:05
Bonjour, Sorry to bother you with my stupid question but could you describe how did you install nvidia driver on console mode? I have the same problem after 64Studio install, no means to start x. I tried with aptitude but no means to solve dependencies problems... Thanks, Francois

Ive been running 64...

  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Sun, 05/18/2008 - 11:22
... since the very beginning. I thought is was good then, but now those first versions are vastly inferior to what we have now. I am very exited about the pace at which things are moving in the Linux world at the moment. Watch out DAW world