Some suggestion about Scribus

  • Kacper
Posted: Mon, 05/19/2008 - 08:34
Hi, i using some times scribus to make bulletins, etc. And i must tell only the code C-C-T-F-C) version of scribus is good. 1.3.4 v. form 64studio (and scribus repo for debian) have problem with scaling fonts, images (export to pdf) and if we save some in 1.3.4 and next times we want open it, scribus work very slow. Version have problem with polish signs (in export pdf files). I test many version of Scribus from 1.3.x series and i must say only (build ID:C-C-T-F-C) work good, please down grade scribus to (build ID:C-C-T-F-C) version.