Recording a session

  • pedro
Posted: Sat, 05/24/2008 - 23:46
Sorry about the noobest question, but how can i record the ongoing session to a sound file? ex: i have a couple of apps running, each doing their thing. I can save in each app the outgoing sound, but is it possible to record them all, while they are running? (and without using the 2 collumn in JACK gui, because i'm using it too to apply other filters) Thanks!


  • pedro
  • 05/24/08
  • Mon, 05/26/2008 - 01:24
Thanks! thats exacly want i meant! will try from bottom up though. PS: can't find a button to mark this topic as solved.. so, could someone do it? :)

A session of ?....

  • picothinker
  • 08/22/07
  • Sun, 05/25/2008 - 03:24
I am assuming you mean a general recording session, using different apps, and want to record an aggregate output? What apps are they, and what device(s) are generating the sound? On the most simple, primitive level, you could probably connect an audio out of your soundcard to an audio in and use Audacity, sox, ecasound, streamripper, or whatever recording program you like. This is bouncing through a generation of analog right off the bat, and adding a small amount of degradation right there. This is only valid if your soundcard can output everything to be recorded. If you are sequencing, and have outboard synths, you will have to have them all routed through a physical mixer, and record it's output. If you can run everything through Ardour, it provides excellent .wav export, (as well as nice automated mixing) if that's what sound file you want in the end. I have read about people using multiple instances of Jack, perhaps that could also be useful.