Usign Seq24 with qjackctl

  • ethanay
Posted: Fri, 05/30/2008 - 00:18
when I first started using Seq24 (a few days I was confused by the program's internal connectivity. I wanted to use it as a jackd midi client! But I am not a MIDI professional and don't know what all these "sync" and "jack transport" etc etc things are. After some searching, I've found something helpful: start Seq24 using the option --manual_alsa_ports: seq24 --manual_alsa_ports and it will show up in qjackctl to connect to other midi/audio sources! (e.g., keyboard, synthesizers) you can edit /home/[username]/.seq24rc so that it always automatically launches with this option set. It seems easier to use it with a modular setup this way, but does anyone have any arguments for using only the internal midi bus management of seq24?