jackd default compile options

  • ethanay
Posted: Sun, 06/01/2008 - 05:08
hello, what flags/options are included in the default 64studio compiling of jackd for its package? i did a forum search and didn't find a solution. the reason why i'm asking is i need to upgrade to >/=jack 0.109.0 in order to use ffado drivers for my echo audiofire2. which means i also need to compile the latest version of jackd, but i want to keep it as close to stock as possible because it is working well and i don't want to mess with anything else. for example, how to compile with /dev/shm support, vs following the directions to create a tmpfs in my fstab... basically, what i'm lookign for is, "the default 64studio jackd package is compiled with these [insert options/optimizations/flags], and you can find the commands here: [insert web page]" ok, thanks, ethanay

jack faq

  • ethanay
  • 05/20/08
  • Sun, 06/01/2008 - 05:22
ok, i found some answers in the jack faq but would still like to know if there is anything else that is special about the 64studio install/setup of jackd that i should do when i compile... thanks, ethan