Strange issue with emu Xboard25

  • bubbacchio
Posted: Sun, 06/01/2008 - 11:52
I've been using emu xboard25 for a while without any problem: just plugged into usb, connect in jack to some soft synth and making music and midi controls. Now I got a strange issue: the keyboard is recognised by the system, I see it in jack, I make connections but no more sound out, nor midi CC. I use 64studio 2.0, updated using the 64studio repositories. Anyone with some similar problems? Thanks

Last week, I was trying to

  • freakrush
  • 06/25/08
  • Wed, 06/25/2008 - 11:41
Last week, I was trying to get a friend's Xboard25 working on Windoze. He told me everything worked fine in the beginning, but one day, suddenly, for some obscure reason, that thing didn't work anymore. It still sent midi CC when turning the knobs, but when playng on the keyboard or using the pitchbend or modulation, it sent out nothing. Not even after updating the latest windows drivers from the e-mu website. So I took the Xboard25 to my 64 Studio PC, plugged in the USB, no driver installation needed, Jack already knows it, but the Xboard25 had exactly the same problem here: it works as a MIDI out port, the knobs send CC, but the keyboard doesn't do anything. My conclusion is that there's probably something broken in the Xboard25 and it needs to be repaired. Hope this helps and that you still have your warranty.