sustain pedal diagnostic?

  • jonathanbrickman0000
Posted: Sun, 06/08/2008 - 22:07
Have 64 Studio 32-bit loaded on a Toshiba laptop, running nicely. The keyboard is a Yamaha NP-30, connected to the laptop via a Yamaha UB16 USB2MIDI. When I connect the UB16 to ZynAddSubFX via Aconnectgui, and turn off local control on the keyboard, I can play the keyboard and hear wonderful synthesis through headphones on the laptop. So far, so good. ZASF delivers MIDI output either direct to ALSA or to ALSA through Jack, no problem. But the sustain pedal (working fine keyboard-only) doesn't seem to transmit anything which ZASF understands. What is the best thing to try next? J.E.B.

all notes off?

  • the C.L.A.
  • 06/09/08
  • Mon, 06/09/2008 - 14:57
I had the same / a similar problem with various soft synths on Linux. I have an old Roland D-10 keybard where sustain worked well internally as well as with my outboard sound modules. But when using some softsynths on Linux notes got only sustained by the pedal as long as at least one key on the keyboard was pressed - when realeasing the last key all notes got cut off. The problem was that my keyboard had an "Tx all notes off" option enabled. After disabling this option notes didn't get cut off any longer. Don't know why the softsynths behave different from other gear and what behaviour is the intended in that case. *shrugs*