Can't get past flashplugin-nonfree

  • Rott3nHippi3
Posted: Wed, 06/11/2008 - 18:22
I'm trying to install the latest 64Studio 2.1 on a Dell GX280, but the installation won't get past the flashplugin. It was first frozen around 80%, then I pressed F8 and the PC rebooted. It's now stuck at 43% trying to install the flashplugin. Is there a way to bypass this file during the installation?

You have to unplug the network cable...

  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Thu, 06/12/2008 - 10:21
Try again! Cheers, Quentin

Dang It!

  • Rott3nHippi3
  • 06/11/08
  • Wed, 06/11/2008 - 19:14
Eh? Both kernels fail to load too. It would appear as though my efforts aren't getting me very far!

Nvrmnd... It would appear

  • Rott3nHippi3
  • 06/11/08
  • Wed, 06/11/2008 - 18:43
Nvrmnd... It would appear that the installation is trying to get to the "outside," only I'm behind a proxy/firewall. I disconnected my ethernet and waited for it to timeout to get passed this. Looks like the "Updating list of available packages" has the same issue. HINT: for the next release, allow users to assign proxies =)