Musicians and producers, I need your opinion

  • vvd
Posted: Tue, 06/17/2008 - 23:48
Hey, I am about to write a preset editor (MIDI SysEx-Editor) for a specific family of samplers. Now i want the UI to be pleasant to use for the end user: musicians and producers. You probably know that there are a lot of parameters you can set in digital instruments like sound modules, samplers, synthesizers and such. Envelopes, filters, instrument layers, LFOs, modulation sources and destinations, tuning tables to name a few. Now there are many ways to design the UI for all these parameters. What do you think would be a good design? eg: -What settings should be easily accessable all the time? -Would you say that graphical representations of eg. ADSR curves are useful or would you tend to say that they only waste display space? -What parameters should have presets (eg: are presets for volume envelopes like "string", "percussion", "organ" cool or a waste of space)? Can you think of other parameters that could have some generic presets? -Are keyboard shortcuts important to you? If so, what settings/commands should have shortcuts? -Do you know any good SysEx/Preset editor for your instrument (got a link)? -Do you think its better to have sub groups of parameters (submenus, subwindows), or would it be better to have direct access (no popping subwindows, no submenus) to most of parameters in one big panel? -Do you prefer knobs or sliders (faders) for stuff like volume controls? -What else comes to your mind? Thank you in advance, Jan PS: I have written one SysEx editor already ( I wrote it without thinking much about UI-design or asking anyone who might use it though. This time i wanna do it better.