Allen and Heath iLive mixing desk

  • agivagan
Posted: Sun, 06/22/2008 - 10:24
Hello everybody, I'm a "sound-engineer" in live music, and last to days I tried the digital mixing desk "Ilive" made by Allen and Heath.(link here : It's a linux-based system for mixing Live shows. You have a rack with cards for preamps, outs, network communication, and a control surface. Everything is managed by a linux kernel (knoppix 2.6.13 as I could see during boot sequence). It sounds great, I discovered the console and learnt to use it for dealing a show, doing the configuration of all routing and an "eye-candy" managing of my interface in a couple of hours. The 2 concerts (one of samba-jazz-reggae and one of salsa music with 13 musicians on stage, FOH-monitors with the same board) were really nice, confortable for everybody,the sound was amazingly warm for a digital desk. My question is : do someone know this board, and of course about her kernel, and computing ? What did you thought about it ? Big up to live music