My Songs upload on TAXI

Posted: Fri, 07/11/2008 - 20:20
I've written many songs over the years and frankly the ones recorded in linux are by far the best. I stopped performing live years ago and settled into the thing called family. Below there are some links to my TAXI page where i have songs on the block to be sold and or distro'd to other performers. This recorded with Ardour using hydrogen for drums and all else is recorded live in my studio. Song is called "Sweetwood" It's about taking your girl camping and all she thanks about is sex. :) This one is again hydrogen for drums and all else is me in the studio. "Shake it Sally" is about the poor sap's who spend thousands at the strip club hoping to take "sally" home one day. This one is an instrumental that is called "9 eggs in a basket", for all those little struggling kids in the world who deserve a better life. Enjoy and feedback is MoST appreciated Cheers MiCK in Canada

I Know This Girl

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  • 05/15/09
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patrick j albritton

Streaming n low

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  • Fri, 07/11/2008 - 20:41
By default all streams above are streamed in "low Quality" so there is a bit of a sound quality difference....for this i apologize. You still get the "just of what they are about...By The Way..."9 eggs in a basket" is the edit version because it is currently being looked at for a possible television theme opener...the full version is 4min long. cheers MiCK