Installing XFS Filesystem

  • Locar
Posted: Thu, 07/24/2008 - 21:32
Some may choose to use the XFS filesystem, but it isn't supported directly in this kernel. I don't recall it being in Debian natively either. XFS has come recommended for working with large files such as multi-gigabyte databases or video files. It is the recommended filesystem for MythTV as well. You may find it performs adequately for audio, but would use it especially if you are working with video such as editing HD with Cinelerra. You won't be able to setup a partition with XFS during install but you can do it later. I partitioned my hard disk and formatted them with a Live CD of Ubuntu before I installed anything so I had an XFS partition ready to go, and in fact being used by Ubuntu. All you have to do is open the Synaptic Package Manager, go to Settings->Repositories and make sure that you have a couple lines checked. I added some more while at it, the first three lines: 64studio main etch main contrib non-free etch/updates main Then press the "Reload" button to grab the packages available from those repositories. Use the Search button for "XFS". Note we are looking for the X FileSystem, not the X Font Server. Find the "xfsprogs" package and mark it as the only package for installation. Apply your changes and close Synaptic. You now have XFS support. To mount a filesystem with XFS either mount from the command line using -t xfs switch or add an entry to your /etc/fstab and then it will mount automatically each boot. You can find more information about XFS mounting options on the net.