VSTi-Host application for live performance (Do you know one?)

  • fipoo
Posted: Tue, 08/12/2008 - 02:56
Hi there! I use my PC to manage VSTi plugins for live performance, actually I'm using Windows Vista with Brainspawn Forte Ensemble... Now I installed 64 Studio v2.1, and, with WineAsio, installed some VSTi plugins... Everything went ok! But the problem is that I can't find any VSTi-Host application for live performance that runs well in Wine, and also, I can't run Forte Ensemble with Wine because it throws some errors (tomorrow I'll post the errors I got trying to run it)... Does anyone know any good VSTi-Host application that runs well with Wine and supports scene snapshot like Forte Ensemble does? Thank's!

Live Performance Tools?

  • system
  • 08/21/07
  • Sun, 01/11/2009 - 22:40
Hi, I have had good results with Kore 2. In standalone its video causes audio glitches, but if minimized its fine, or another workspace. I have started using Kore inside Reaper which also works very well. Here, I am hoping Reaper can use the second processor in my dual core since Kore itself is single threaded. Forte is multithreaded and in many ways is awesome. Kore 2 has scenes called performance presets that capture all the defined controllers for instant recall. The performance preset list can be driven with remote program change like in Forte. Without changing anything in my 32 bit 2.1 install, the NI plugs with service center installed and activated fine including kore. Next I will try my license of Forte in this environment to see how it is working. Usually, you run it from a term and watch for errors, providing missing windows components as needed until it stops complaining - then hopefully it runs ok, or if you get a crash check that out too. I specialize in live host software including Ableton Live, Mainstage, InTone, Bidule, Rax and many others. The ones I mention to some extent all support scenes which for me are very important. I would also like to explore custom action lists in Reaper connected to external control, to see how performance ready that is. The reaper devs fix things occassionally with linux/wine in mind.

Wine Support

  • Takabuntu
  • 08/20/07
  • Tue, 08/12/2008 - 17:17
Welcome to the wonderful world of 64Studio. Your best changes for support for your Brainspawn Forte Ensemble problem is with the Wine project itself. I would contact them instead of trying to post your error codes in this forum. You are more likely to get an answer and/or solution for your problem.

VSTi Host

  • cinder
  • 10/20/08
  • Fri, 01/02/2009 - 13:28
LMMS kicks ass! Download the the source (0.4.2) from http://lmms.sourceforge.net/ (the binary package from debian-multimedia.org is only 0.2.1 and isn't compiled VST support, which by the way, does NOT need the VST SDK from Steinberg) The VeSTige plugin runs your VSTI's (I can't seem to use VST FX though). It's a clone of FL Studio. Great piano roll, automation and arranging. You can do almost anything with a handfull of samples. It can also load FL Studio project files. Plugin GUI seems buggy and theres only stereo out (no individual instrument outs, but I'm sure that will change) Also, theres no audio input at all, sample playback only) This is some of the best software I've found on Linux, check it out. Timing is Everything! P.S. Whoops! I was wrong about the FX, they show up right amongst the LADSPA plugins.