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Posted: Fri, 10/03/2008 - 09:42
Following the site upgrade. You may see some changes to the format of the site. If you browse/search older threads. The hash # symbol is not present, or has moved and the text could be now seen as large & bold. A posted xorg.conf file might be confusing as the commented out (info) parts of the file give the impression they are uncommented in your xorg.conf. If you uncomment these lines in your xorg.conf it will fail to start. Also a command to run as root e.g. # apt-get update might be in large bold text. example: http://64studio.com/node/712 In the first post the hash # has moved so the (info) line looks uncommented, the entries in the Section "InputDevice" look the same, but they should be uncommented in your xorg.conf. In the last post the alias ipv6 off goes underneath alias net-pf-10 off in your aliases file. Please, always make a back up of any file you are going to edit. It can save a lot of trouble and is a good habit to get into. Cheers,