Sharing same Home directory

Posted: Sat, 11/08/2008 - 03:04
Is it possible to dual boot between two distros and yet have them share the same /home directory? reason ask is that while 64Studio is stable and awesome for music production, (the absolute best rt kernel out there) it's packages are becoming more and more dated...Gimp is up to 2.4, Ardour is at 2.6, Gnome is even at 2.22. No offense but other distros are way more current...and progressing in leaps and bounds. Just to install and try out new programs for video and graphics, I run into dependency problems that would render my system crippled if i proceeded. There is no date for lenny to be officially out so there is no sight of 64studio 3.0 on the horizon... I am not really a big fan of dual booting even if it is two linux distros but kinda running out of options. This leaves me thinking i can have my cake and eat it too by having two distros share my home directory. The version info for a program is stored in the root while the preferences are stored in the home correct? Just a thought MIck


  • 05/23/07
  • Sat, 11/08/2008 - 12:10
I spotted a link that you had posted for a 64studio lenny-backport repository and so i added it to my sources.list...I now see 3.0 pre~1. that's exciting! I'll give this a spin. I like some of the Gimp newer features, and mplayer has some changes...perhaps they are included. I will shamefully admit that I tinker WAY to much on my system and usually end up breaking something...BUT that's how i've learned linux and it's little quirks. Regardless it' beats the hell out of windows anyday. "i'm a PC"...ok,good for you. "i'm a tux" Mick


  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Sat, 11/08/2008 - 07:11
I'm having my cake right now, using the lenny upgrade. Lenny has 160 odd RC bugs remaining, which as far as I can tell does not influence me at all. Regarding your question, I believe it is possible. Just make sure that your user codes and group codes are the same for both distro's - If I remember correctly I had a problem between JAD and ubuntu quite a while ago... Cheers, Q