How do you make a video device? (or any device for that matter)

  • cinder
Posted: Wed, 11/12/2008 - 04:33
I wish to remote control a Canon Powershot S80 digital camera to make an animation in the program Stopmotion. As far as I can tell so far, I need a grabber program to actualy capture the images. gphoto2 automaticly downloads the photos. I have read that all the remote control abbilities are supported. gpgoto2 says it access all the abbilities EXCEPT that the driver does not support remote capture, the only feature I need. vgrabbj is another capture program (listed in Stopmotion by default) but I need to specify the device. I am running 64 studio 2.1 on intel x86. I cant find video in /dev, but four usb devices apear when I plug in the camera, but vgrabbj won't accept them as options. I can extend the lens on the camera from the cammand line (with gphoto2). I have read the manual for and tried running the MAKEDEV script (but I don't understand it:() lsusb gives me the device ID, but I dont know what to do with. I want to learn how to make devices and am willing to read about. I subscribed to the video4linux mailing list and they go to gphot2... Can anybody help?