Problems installing on compaq laptop? try this

  • Nate
Posted: Sat, 07/21/2007 - 04:02
hey folks I recently had a problem installing 1.0.0 32 bit on a compaq c551nr laptop and found a workaround for anyone interested. basically the install went ok but wouldn't let you mount the root file system and numerous system callbacks early in boot. the live cd worked fine (also the install read the IDE drive as a SCSI). Well the work around is simple. aparently it has SATA support in the BIOS that somehow affects the IDE in 64studio. This is a cheaper laptop so I am assuming compaq probably cut corners on it. well just go into the BIOS setup (F10 at compaq splash screen) and under system configuration set the SATA support to "disable" save and exit. reboot and all should be good. I know there have been several SATA issues and figured I would post this in case it would help in anyway or maybe help with other compaq users having similar problems.