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Posted: Mon, 12/22/2008 - 22:13
Hello, I recently had a machine from emachines built for 64studio, including a studio rack case, 3ghz Core 2 Duo, 4gb ram with a foxconn motherboard at 1.33ghz FSB. For audio interfacing, an RME HDSPe hostcard was installed to be used with a multiface II. This blue computer is housed inside a custom 6U touring case with shockmount foam and composite shell with a Furman power supply, a 17" Belkin LCD display and keyboard, and a space for the multiface and optional glyph drive. The purpose of this system is to be a highly available keyboard and FX workstation. The machine came with the 64 bit version of 64studio, but this was prone to crackles and the 32 bit version was installed instead with much better results. The command 64studio-upgrade worked fine as did the installation of wine and wine-dev following the tutorial on the site for Reaper. The second drive on the system was formatted ext3, which then received many gigabytes of sample libraries and reaktor ensembles, after configuration in /etc/fstab. For virtual instruments, Native Instruments Kore 2, Kontakt 3, Akoustik Piano and Reaktor were installed. Authorization with NI service center was entirely successful. More will follow. Aside from installing wine and upgrading, the OS has been left alone. So far audio is very reliable at low latencies with linux native apps like ardour. With wine apps however, audio is prone to artifacts and crackles when the GUI is left open and worst when the wined app is fullscreen. By switching to another workspace or minimizing everything, audio with above wined instruments is quite clear. So I am curious what could be done to improve audio delivery when the windows are opened during editing. And more curious if the OS can contain to begin with an optimization or accommodation for this use case. Remaining issues: Closing apps When closing kore, kontakt or reaktor using the X button on the right side of the window panes, the window closes but the process is left running. If you launch again, you get problems which are confusing until you terminate the process. Kontakt for example should have its library and user paths set after install and update and with an additional kontakt in the background, these will not be updated or set. However, using the file menu EXIT command for these wined applications works consistently and does not result in a remaining process. Akoustik Piano vst plugin Akoustik Piano as a standalone wine app works well, but has occasional glitches. The same instruments opened in kontakt 3 perform better especially when rapid pedalling is occuring. However, the Akoustik Piano vst plugin gui opened in kore is unusable. Any mouse click anywhere in the AP gui results in a re-loading of the initial instrument. Kore 2 Database Warning After a crash, Kore 2 now opens with a warning that another instance is open and that any changes to the database will not be saved. I suspect that the db file is corrupted or locked, though most functions seem unaffected by this. RME ALSA Driver -Audio is usually not output until the HDSP mixer (linux totalmix) is opened at least once. -Initialization problems of RME driver and hardware occur after warm reboot. Hardware shows no hostlight which is fine, but constant levels may show in totalmix and not output is possible until a complete shutdown, and power cycle of multifaceII. Once this sequence is completed: -boot -login -open/close totalmix -qjackctrl start -Kore 2 open/performance file load -qjackctrl connections, drag from kore2, to ALSA output. -switch to second workspace Then my performance file is loaded and ready for program changes, with no artifacts at 2.9 ms latency using Kore 2 as a host. Thank you, jonathan adams leonard Lead Specialist, Synthax Inc RME | ALVA | AXON Keyboard and Midi Technician, INTERPOL

Kore 2 Database Warning

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  • Mon, 12/29/2008 - 01:03
Update: This is fixed by re-scanning the koresounds and restarting Kore.