Just starting out - Please help on versions.

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Posted: Sat, 12/27/2008 - 17:33
Hello 64Studio folk I have just installed 64Studio from a earlier Distrowatch.com download. The README file on the CDROM confirms it is 64Studio 1.3.0. I did expect that at some stage, I would have to communicate that I did not have a 64-bit anything, but I have instead an "older" 32-bit AMD (Barton) XP3200 in a Asus AN7VX Deluxe motherboard with 2.3GB of DDR2. Somehow, it did all install. My KDE choice was ignored - we have a Gnome. I chose not to install GRUB. Instead, I added it to the multiboot choices in the existing GRUB. The question I have is about the kernel. It seems to be 2.6.19-1-multimedia-486. Does that mean the kernel will not have available instructions beyond what was standard in a 486? The AMD XP3200 is a i686 class CPU. Naturally, the next question is "Can I change it for a better option, and if so, how"? I would like to get this bit right before investing too much in an approach that might be better advised at the outset. Thanks if you can help. :)