Debian lenny and 2.6.26 multimedai kernel real time module compile error?

  • stratotak
Posted: Sat, 01/31/2009 - 04:41
In past..when running Etch.I would add 64studio to apt source.list and install the real time kernel&headers and alsa module.Then use module-assistant to build the real time module.And it always worked that way.Im running Lenny now and I added the backport to apt source from this forum and installed 2.6.26 kernel&headers and alsa modules.Then used module-assistant to build real time module.But it errored out this time..It said "Security capabilites not configured as module. Realtime LSM will not work with /usr/lib/modules/2.5.26-1-miltimedia-686/build Please rerun "make config " on the kernel and try again." This 2.6.26 is a realtime kernel?I thought maybe it had been built in ..instead as a module.But running jack in realtime dosent work. If i cant build the real time module..and this is suppose to be a realtime do I get jack to run in real time with htis kernel.??