Axon AX-50

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Posted: Thu, 02/05/2009 - 01:47
Hi folks, just wanted to report some success using the AXON AX-50 guitar to midi converter in 64studio 2.1 (32bit). Connected via USB, 5 virtual midi ports become available to ALSA and JACK without any installation. Since the first midi port is used for editor communication, the second port is the one that carries your guitar's midi events. If you try this, remember to enable that second midi port instead of the first. I have not tested the windows AXON editor via wine yet, but will try and report back. So far, the device and events are fine. Thanks! jonathan adams leonard Lead Specialist, Synthax Inc RME | AXON | ALVA


  • pedrocortez
  • 07/05/09
  • Mon, 07/13/2009 - 19:27
interesting .... I'm just about to migrate from UStudio to 64ST on my new box when hardware arrives. I have an original AX-100 I use with Godin guitar - and havent tried using with Linux at all yet. Might give it a whirl on Ubuntu Studio and then 64ST when Ive built my new system. Good to hear of your success ! Rgds Pete