.Gig files in Qsampler and Rosegarden problems

  • jmccanna
Posted: Wed, 03/04/2009 - 23:37
Hi, I am new to 64Studio and trying to free myself of the Windows' shackles. I am able setup JACK and get MIDI data to a Rosegarden track but am unable to figure out how to get any playback sound. However, I have figured out how to record the audio output from the Zyn synthesizer to Rosegarden but it does not record the MIDI data! Secondly, I am trying to follow the tutorial on using QSampler and .gig samples in Rosegarden and I cannot get them recognized in the left panel on Rosegarden. And nothing records, MIDI or audio. I am trying really hard but am getting frustrated. It is probably something a naive not-yet-weaned-off-of-Windows person is missing. Help? Thanks.

Upgrading jack...

  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Thu, 03/05/2009 - 17:02
Jack upgrades is a rocky road, and I would suggest you rather download the 3.0 beta3 and install that. You are quite right that the 64 Studio manual need updating, and we will see to that during the final RC of 3.0 and right after the release of 3.0


  • stratojaune
  • 09/10/08
  • Thu, 03/05/2009 - 11:13
Hi , http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/tutorials/ Hope this helps you. Be patient, and remeber the very first days you used windows... It was difficult, am I right ? So, it could be hard to switch to Linux, but I think you will appreciate... First thing to really understand is Jack, as Quentin post up here seems to suggest... Welcome in Linux ! Fred


  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Thu, 03/05/2009 - 06:17
If jack is started, and you play back a MP3 (doubleclick should open Totem) do you hear anything? If you do, do you see a connection? Audio connections

Nice post

  • daniel kaith (not verified)
  • Sat, 05/09/2009 - 12:03
Nice post. I was exactly looking for jack audio connection solution. Screen shoot give better view to it.

Different JACK Window

  • jmccanna
  • 03/04/09
  • Thu, 03/05/2009 - 16:46
Hi, Thanks for the reply. The JACK window I get has only Audio and MIDI tabs but no ALSA tab like you have above. I am able to get sound out Rosegarden through my Echo Mona card when I record ZynAddSubFx synth sounds as audio but it does not record as MIDI. I am able to get Rosegarden to record MIDI data from my external keyboard (vintage AKAI AX-80 circa late 1980s) using QSampler but cannot get it to use any instrument thus no sound. Quite clearly, I need to dig deep into JACK and am willing. The Rosegarden tutorial appears to be dated and I wonder if there is a development not addressed in it that is critical now. Can I or should I upgrade my JACK install? If so, how? I am getting better at this but so slowly. James